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Individual registration first!

Individual registration first!

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You only have to register once to have full access to all of the great features, functions and tools. Setting up your basic profile is taken care of at the very first step!

Instead, register as an individual and then create Groups on your MY GROUPS TAB.

To register as an individual
Click HOME on the yellow MENU BAR which can be found on all pages

Click the REGISTER BUTTON on the ACCESS ALL AREAS (AAA) PASS (home page top right corner) to open the REGISTRATION PAGE

Enter your email address in the REGISTRATION EMAIL BOX
In the PASSWORD BOX, enter a password which only you will know (it is important to remember your password and not to disclose it to anyone else)

Enter your password again in the PASSWORD CONFIRMATION BOX

heck your email inbox for your WELCOME EMAIL

Click the VALIDATION LINK in the email to complete your registration

The email link will take you to your individual profile so you can quickly complete your profile information.

Why sell band merchandise at your gigs?

Selling merchandise is a great way to make more money from your gigs. It is also an essential step in marketing your band and your music promotion.

Any fans of your band should be considered to be customers and these customers will buy your merchandise. 

Selling your band merch at the gigs not only makes extra money for the band but is also an effective way of promoting your band away from the gig, band clothing and music CD's help raise awareness of the band.

Making the decision to have a merchandise stand at your gigs is an important one but there are steps you can take to maximise revenue and profit.

Click the links below for tips on selling more band merchandise:

How to sell more band merchandise

How to display band merchandise

Sourching band merchandise

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