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Add Group members

For detailed help on Group profiles see HELPNETWORK HELPGROUP PROFILE HELP

The process for adding Group members to MY CURRENT GROUPS and MY PREVIOUS BANDS is the same.
As you complete the creation of a Group you are immediately taken to the page from which you can invite the other Group members to join your Group.

To add Group members -
The process of adding members to MY CURRENT GROUPS and to MY PREVIOUS BANDS is the same.
Click MY PROFILE on the yellow MENU BAR which can be found on all pages.

The upper section is headed MY CURRENT GROUPS, which has a GROUP PROFILE IMAGE (or MX SPEAKER ICON) for each of the Groups you belong to now
The lower section is MY PREVIOUS BANDS which also has a GROUP PROFILE IMAGE (or MX SPEAKER ICON) for each of the bands you belonged to in the past
Click the GROUP PROFILE IMAGE (or MX SPEAKER ICON) you want to add members to, which opens the profile of that Group
Your own INDIVIDUAL PROFILE IMAGE is shown along with any other members already entered
Enter the first name, family name and nickname of the next member into the NAME FIELDS
Enter the members’ email address into the EMAIL ADDRESS FIELD
Using the drop down boxes, select the month and year the member joined the Group in the boxes for WHEN DID THIS MEMBER JOIN THE GROUP
If you don’t know the date, leave this field blank for the member to complete themselves later
If the person you are adding is still in the Group, there is no need to complete the WHEN DID THIS MEMBER LEAVE THE GROUP field

MX Pro-Tip! - No email address? No problem!
If you don’t know the members' email address, click the ADD GROUP MEMBER BUTTON for suggested registered MX'ers with that same name

MX Pro-Tip! - Record details of previous members too!
You can create a complete history of all the Groups you belonged to by completing WHEN DID THIS MEMBER LEAVE THE GROUP fields.
If the Group is still active, ex-member details show up in the PREVIOUS GROUP MEMBERS SECTION of the GROUP MEMBERS TAB.
If the Group doesn't exist any longer, you can still chronicle the detail of the Group and its' members throughout the time it was going.

MX-Pro Tip! - Add as many Group members as soon as possible
Of course, Group profiles and the various MX tools work best when all Group members (or as many as possible) are included in your online MX Group.

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