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Why register?

Why register?

The other social networking sites are there for everyone to use (and that’s great!), but because of that fact they don’t specialise!

MX only serves the music fraternity, so you have everything you are likely to need at your fingertips - all on one site!

Once registered, you have access to a whole series of invaluable bespoke tools which have been created and honed by the users of the site.

There are dedicated functions and features to make your life real easy.

Everything you need is in one place, in one easy-to-navigate site.

MX’ers know that their site works – borne out by the fact that MX is THE FASTEST-GROWING MUSIC INDUSTRY SITE ON THE ENTIRE PLANET!

Band merchandise

Selling merchandise for your band or artist is a great way to increase revenue from a gig.

In the early days of any band the reality is there will be many gigs for little or no money. Even though these types of gigs are a required step in getting a band seen and heard but selling the band merchandise at all your gigs is a way of coming away from a free gig with money in your pocket.

It is very important to remember that any fan of your band is a customer and as with any business the customer should be highly valued. A fan or ‘loyal and valued customer’ who buys your merchandise also in effect becomes an unpaid marketeer for your band, your band ‘T’ shirt worn with pride on the High street plants a subliminal message, your band CD passed amongst a group of friends helps to spread the message, helping to get your band known.

Selling band merchandise is not only for new bands, go to any gig by a high profile artist and you will see huge band merchandise stalls. Many well known bands rely heavily on the sale of band merchandise to make touring a viable option.

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