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Upload a photo

Upload a photo

Uploading photos is real easy, and you can upload as many photos as you like.

To upload a photo
Click MY PROFILE on the yellow MENU BAR which can be found on all pages

Click the PHOTOS TAB
If you have no photos uploaded, the PHOTOS TAB simply shows the heading ADD A PHOTO with three boxes (if you have uploaded photos already you will see them all displayed below the boxes)
Click the CHOOSE PHOTO FILE BUTTON, which reveals a box in which you can find the appropriate photo
Navigate to where your photos are stored on your hard drive and click the photo you would like to upload
The correct file is now highlighted

Double click the file you want to upload (or click the open button at the bottom right hand side of the box)
The box closes and the initial part of the file name has appeared to the left of the CHOOSE PHOTO FILE BUTTON
Add a short caption for the photo in the PHOTO CAPTION BOX
Add a description in the ADD A PHOTO DESCRIPTION

After a few seconds (bigger files take longer!) the selected photo thumbnail appears in the lower gallery section (the thumbnail is automatically cropped if necessary to fit the thumbnail dimensions). 
Clicking on the photo thumbnail opens a larger and full image and shows the description.

Choosing a photo as a profile image
Each photo has a SET PROFILE IMAGE BUTTON beneath it.

Click the SET PROFILE IMAGE BUTTON beneath the photo you want to use as your PROFILE IMAGE.
You can change your PROFILE IMAGE at any time by selecting the required SET PROFILE IMAGE BUTTON beneath the required image.

MX-Pro Tip! - Choose different profile images
You can choose a profile image for your own INDIVIDUAL PROFILE IMAGE, and you can choose a different GROUP PROFILE IMAGE
for each Group you belong to.  

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