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The quick guides assume that you have a degree of experience with Networking functions, so – let’s get on with it!

Register as an individual and then create Groups on your MY GROUPS TAB.

How to register

Click HOME on the yellow MENU BAR which can be found on all pages

Click the REGISTER BUTTON in the ACCESS ALL AREAS (AAA) PASS (top right)

Enter your email & password details

Click the link on the WELCOME EMAIL to validate your account

Complete your profile information

Music collaboration

Tips for success in music
Find other like minded people to work with. Be prepared to listen, try new things and be inspired. 

Music collaborations can have amazing results, whether you are sitting together in a room or even online. Musician collaborations can make your band stand out with a great product ready to be put before a paying audience.

There is nothing wrong with being a ‘sponge’, soak up the knowledge and experience of others to achieve your goal, you can still be in control of your own destiny but the time taken to achieve this can be drastically reduced and the skills learnt can only be a benefit

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