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Can I spit on other MX'ers Walls?

Can I spit on other MX'ers Walls?

You are able to write on your friends’ Walls in the same way as writing on your own.

You cannot spit on a Wall of an MX’er who is not a friend as you do not have access to non-friends’ walls. To do this you must become friends first.

To write on another MX'ers Wall
On your friends Wall tab click into the INDIVIDUAL "SPIT IT OUT!" BOX (or the GROUP "SPIT IT OUT!" BOX if you are commenting on a Group Wall).
Type your comment.
When your finished click
 (or GROUP "SPIT" BUTTON for a Group) which can be found to the right of the INDIVIDUAL "SPIT IT OUT!" BOX.

This only publishes the comment to the Wall you are writing on and to your own INDIVIDUAL PROFILE WALL, (or GROUP WALL for a Group) but not to any other friends’ walls.

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