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Musicians wanted Las Vegas

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Musicians wanted Las Vegas USA

How to find musicians in Las Vegas - FAST!

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What's wrong with the old fashioned way?

Find musicians to collaborate with - it sounds easy, but it can be a long and difficult task. When you start a band or join a band, you will be forgiven for thinking that it’s almost impossible to find musicians with the right attitude, the right ability, the right gear, the right age, the right availability in the right genre - all in the right place!

Sourcing musicians for your studio recording can be just as difficult. To achieve a pro recording you have to make a band work - you need the right band mix. Countless sessions have not achieved their full potential simply because members of the band wanted different things - musicians wanted their own vision fulfilled.

Of course, when you’re looking for a band it’s hard enough to find a band, but bands looking for you are having the same problems!

The music industry has always suffered these problems - until now

Having an imperfect bandmix would seem to be ‘just the way it is’ with careers in music...but not any longer...
Whether you are starting a band or want to join a band, Musical Exchanges’ ground-breaking MX Recruit is for you. Discovering local bands, aiming for a professional recording career or trying to find a player available for a one-off gig it couldn't be easier!
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Musical Exchanges - It’s where the music industry goes to network! When you place your MX Recruit ad you will also be a member of MX Network. You will be included in your nearest local and regional MX Network group so that you can keep on top of what’s happening in your area. You may find a player available here too! This presents another great opportunity to build music relationships - a massive step forward compared with placing a musicians classified ad!

Live music in Las Vegas

When people mention Las Vegas an outsiders thoughts turn towards bright lights, casino’s, the Rat Pack and Elvis but anyone, in music, who knows the city will tell you there is so much more to Las Vegas. There is a vibrant music scene in Las Vegas with many different music genres being catered for. Rock, Pop, Ska, Jazz and Electronic music feature heavily in the bars and clubs in the Las Vegas area.

The entertainment business in Las Vegas is huge. Any night of the week live music can be found in a great network of live music venues.

Las Vegas was a great stronghold for Hip-Hop in the 8o’s. This exciting city has a knack for continually re-inventing itself and music is no different always with taking the pulse of the country and keeping one step ahead of the competition. The surge in the interest in Electronic dance music in Las Vegas has created a huge market with a carefully tailored, radio friendly, commercialised version of the genre, the result is a huge influx of artists and DJ’s to the area in what is a very creative time for Las Vegas.

Classical music is also well catered for in Las Vegas with The Nevada Chamber Symphony and The Las Vegas Philharmonic providing concerts throughout the year.

Las Vegas has made the careers of many musicians but also has been responsible for some great homegrown talent who gone on to find success on a national and international stage, artists such as; Jenny Lewis, Ryan Ross, Spencer Smith, Brendon Urie and The Killers.

The Las Vegas music community is alive and well covering all music genres, symphony orchestra, pop groups, jazz bands, rock bands and of course indie bands.  Musicians wanted in Las Vegas. You can find hundreds of Las Vegas musicians and bands looking for collaborators at Musical Exchanges - right here, right now. Las Vegas is home to several recording studios encouraging many of the cities available musicians to make a good living as session musicians.

Forming bands is something that happens in every town, musicians joining together, networking and working towards putting a new project before the public, Las Vegas is no different and there has been no better time to form a band than now and help increase the size of the music community in your area.

Live music venues in Las Vegas

Las Vegas is home to several live music venues ranging from large concert halls to hotel venues to intimate bar and clubs. Some of the more well known venues are; Theatre for the Performing Arts, Mandalay Bay Events Center, MGM Grand Arena, House of Blues, The Joint, Orleans Arena, The Pearl, Sam Boyd Stadium, Thomas & Mack Center, Hollywood Theatre, The Bunkhouse Saloon and Nine Fine Irishmen. These and all the other Las Vegas  venues provide a live music platform for not only the local talent of Las Vegas but also the visiting touring and recording artists. Las Vegas has become a must play town on the touring schedules of many major artists. 

The local Las Vegas music scene is well supported and promoted in various online websites promoting valuable music services to the industry and helping to inform the public of upcoming gigs.

Musical Exchanges

Singers wanted, bass player wanted or drummer wanted? Placing an old fashioned text-based 'drummer needed' ad somewhere and then praying just doesn't cut it any longer. Bands looking for a singer, a guitarist wants to find a band. Bands wanted a solution and now they have it. Musical Exchanges provides a fast, efficient and affordable solution when you want to find musicians for hire, either local musicians or further afield. You may have had difficulty finding musicians wanted or when looking for a drummer. Band members wanted to hire musician and so MX Recruit provides that ultra-convenient service! Looking for a bassist? No problem! If you are a bass player available for work or a guitarist available for a specific period of free dates, you could list in a 'bass players available' column, or try the 'Forming new band' route - but it's always very hit and miss. There is no faster way to find a band looking for a guitarist or looking for a keyboard player than on MX
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