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How to find musicians in Vancouver - FAST!

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Live music in Vancouver

The music of Vancouver is as diverse as the population. This mix of diverse cultural backgrounds has had a direct influence on the music to be heard coming out of Vancouver. 

Vancouver has a rich musical history stretching back to the 1920’s, this tradition has continued to the present day. The 60’s had a strong Folk music base with American influenced R&B by the end of the decade. The 70’s saw numerous British and American superstar bands visiting Canada and Vancouver was a stop off point for many of these bands, the resulting influence on the musicians of Vancouver was immense with several new bands forming recreating the sound of world Rock with a Canadian twist. The Punk movement in Vancouver was instrumental in spreading the genre to the rest of the Country. The 80’s saw many artists from Vancouver find huge success on the world stage and indeed these performers were now collaborating with and influencing other musicians around the world.

As with other major Canadian Cities Vancouver embraced any new musical fashion and made it their own and pursuing it after other territories had moved on to the next thing. This has what has made the local Vancouver music scene such an eclectic mix of styles and genres, long may it continue.

Vancouver and the surrounding areas have produced some major talent who found success in Vancouver and on a national and international stage, artists like; Bryan Adams, Matthew Good, Sarah McLachlan, Michael Buble, Daniel Powter and Nickleback.

Vancouver is the proud home of The Vancouver Symphony Orchestra.

The Vancouver music community is alive and well covering all music genres, symphony orchestra, pop groups, jazz bands, rock bands and of course indie bands.  Musicians wanted in Vancouver. You can find hundreds of Vancouver musicians and bands looking for collaborators at Musical Exchanges - right here, right now. Vancouver is home to several recording studios encouraging many of the cities available musicians to make a good living as session musicians.

Forming bands is something that happens in every town, musicians joining together, networking and working towards putting a new project before the public, Vancouver is no different and there has been no better time to form a band than now and help increase the size of the music community in your area.

Live music venues in Vancouver

Vancouver has many musical genres available for the music loving audiences and as such have many venues where live music can be heard most nights of the week. Some of the more well known venues are; BC Place Stadium, GM Place Stadium, The Rickshaw Theatre, The Vogue Theatre, The Orpheum Theatre, Media Club, Cobalt, Commodore Ballroom, Railway Club, Backstage Lounge, Yale, Jericho Folk Club and The Cellar Jazz Club.

The local Vancouver music scene is well supported and promoted in various online websites promoting valuable music services to the industry and helping to inform the public of upcoming gigs.

Musical Exchanges

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