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Musicians wanted Philadelphia

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Musicians wanted Philadelphia USA

How to find musicians in Philadelphia - FAST!

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Live music in Philadelphia

The history of music coming from Philadelphia is vast, varied and innovative. The sound of the past has helped to shape the sound of the present and no doubt the sound of the future.

The history of American pop music owes a lot to Philadelphia, the Television show American Bandstand went on air from studios in Philadelphia in the mid 50’s, this prompted a huge rise in the pop output creating many household names. The show was moved to studios in Los Angeles in 1963.

Soul music was big across the US throughout the 60’s & 70’s Philadelphia had its own scene and the sound of Philly Soul was soon been heard on the radio and performed in concert venues across The United States and around the World. The popularity of Philly Soul did tail off towards the end of the 70’s, Disco and Punk temporarily taking over as the popular genres of the day. 

The music scene in Philadelphia in recent times has created many headline acts from many different genres. Philadelphia was one of the US Cities who helped form Hip Hop, taking the genre, created in New York and shaping it into what is recognised today as one of the major selling genres.

Philadelphia’s diverse musical scene is made up of many genres, Classical music is still as popular as ever being home to many orchestra, ensembles and Choral societies including The Philadelphia Orchestra.

With Philadelphia having the second largest community of Jamaican residents so unsurprisingly there is a vibrant Jamaican music, Dancehall scene. Several clubs provide a dedicated venue for a growing scene.

As with many Cities Rock music dominates the music culture and Philadelphia is at the forefront as usual, the City of Philadelphia is responsible for high quality Rock and is held in high regard by the music fraternity.

Many artists who have found success on a national and international arena have come from Philadelphia and the surrounding areas, artists like; Frankie Avalon, Stanley Clarke,  Jim Croce, Patti Labelle, The Three Degrees, Hall & Oates, Toni Basil, Todd Rundgren, Boyz 2 Men, Cinderella, Joan Jett, The Hooters, Chiddy Bang, DJ Jazzy Jeff and Pink

The Philadelphia music community is alive and well covering all music genres, symphony orchestra, pop groups, jazz bands, rock bands and of course indie bands. Musicians wanted in Philadelphia. You can find hundreds of Philadelphia musicians and bands looking for collaborators at Musical Exchanges - right here, right now. Philadelphia is home to several recording studios encouraging many of the cities available musicians to make a good living as session musicians.

Forming bands is something that happens in every town, musicians joining together, networking and working towards putting a new project before the public, Philadelphia is no different and there has been no better time to form a band than now and help increase the size of the music community in your area.

Live music venues in Philadelphia

As befitting a City of such musical importance, Philadelphia has many live music venues of varying sizes and specialising in many different genres. Some of the more well known venues are; Academy of Music, Kimmel Center-Verizon Hall, Tower Theatre, The Fillmore Theatre of the Living Arts, Keswick theatre, World Cafe Live, Electric Factory and Tin Angel. These and the other many venues in the Philadelphia area all provide a live music platform for not only the local talent of Philadelphia but also the visiting recording and touring artists.

The local Philadelphia music scene is well supported and promoted in various online websites promoting valuable music services to the industry and helping to inform the public of upcoming gigs.

Musical Exchanges

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